cherish the moment

Cherish the moment

It was a Saturday and Katie our only daughter and second child was super excited.

Her good friend and next door neighbour Beth had invited Katie to stay at her house for a birthday sleepover.

As Katie ran about the house with her bags all ready and packed she reminded me of a young backpacker.

The bags up over her shoulder and an eager pep in her step to get along on her travel’s.

It felt to me like she was going to Austraila. Even though it was only 50 yard’s across the way.

As Catherine left her on down to the Thompsons, I was left to contemplate, that it may not be long until Katie is heading off on a tour of the World bags slung over the shoulder.

We only have them for a short time it is a stark reminder to cherish the moments.

The house was definitely quieter that evening.

I must have fallen asleep on the coach only to be awakened by a light knock on the door at around 1 am.

Catherine rushed to open the door the traveler had returned we were delighted Katie was back.
(For Now)

A day off school to learn a life lesson

A day off school to learn a life lesson

Harry is 7 and is the last of the children in our house to open up his Credit Union account.

It started with a sore leg and a sore tummy on further investigation we discovered he wasn’t really sure which leg was sore.
We decided anyway that a day of school would be just as good for him anyway.

Harry was delighted, to say the least. So today I shared with him one of life’s great lessons often
referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World. Accumulating interest and the Power of the momentum

Accumulating Interest and the Power of the momentum of saving.

In his hand, he holds his new piggy bank and an acorn seed with the potential to grow into a great oak.

I do hope this inspires you to plant for your future today.