Clocking out to Clock in

  “The Power is within me”   My name is James. I am the founder of a wellness page called “Passing Through“. Through the power of video, I want to raise awareness about the challenges people face such as suicidal thoughts, peer pressure and emotional well being. The first video I posted has been viewed […]


SUPER YOU CONFERENCE  14th March 2018 Helix Theatre Dublin The Super YOU conference 2018 is about helping to EMPOWER teenagers.   At the conference teenagers will discover how to: Manage their mental and emotional well-being. Overcome stress, worry and the pressures in life. Build relationships and connections. Uncover their true potential and purpose in life. […]

Humanitarian mission

On the 1st of January I travelled with a TEAM of volunteers with the charity I.O.D.P (International Orphanage Development Programme). We raised £42,000. On behalf of the TEAM I want to thank everyone that donated to the charity. With this money we were able to purchase Christmas presents for many orphanages. The children received presents […]

Christmas Message