Clocking out to Clock in


“The Power is within me”


My name is James.

I am the founder of a wellness page called “Passing Through“.

Through the power of video, I want to raise awareness about the challenges people face such as suicidal thoughts, peer pressure and emotional well being. The first video I posted has been viewed half a million times reaching people all across this beautiful world and I have received testimonies from 54 people stating that the page has prevented them from taking their own life. With all of this my dream was to speak in schools to inspire the youth of today.

However behind the posts I was not living the life that I was encouraging others to do.  I was working 7 hours a week earning on average £300 a month.  The working environment wasn’t helping my own well-being, I was told not to be my happy self, my breaks were timed and I felt restricted.

I was telling people how to be the best versions of themselves online, yet I was living the complete opposite.

On August 31st 2017 I was sitting on my timed 15 minute break, scrolling down my Facebook news feed when Stevey J life coach page popped up. I sat in the canteen with my earphones in listening to an Armagh man say

“Start living your EPIC adventure……. SAY YES TO LIFE”

I had been listening to life coaches for many, many years – Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Zig Ziggler filled my heart and mind.  I never knew that there were people like this living so close to me.  When I dug deep into what Stevey was all about, I saw that he had been Bob Proctors top consultant, shared the stage with Tony Robbins, put on his own events and lived only 30 minutes away from me! I near wet myself with excitement – I added Stevey on Facebook even though I had never met the man in my life. He accepted my friend request.

I was that excited that I wrote to him privately!

After this conversation I met up with Stevey in his office in Armagh. He wanted to know my situation in life, so I told him. Straight away he offered me a position in his office. This was the moment where I had to choose between


I returned to work and spent my 15 minutes break to write out my notice. I handed it in. This was the moment I made a key decision that brought my purpose to life. I clocked out to clock in on life!

From this decision I have been given the opportunity to be part of TEAM SteveyJ. I have supported and helped out at the Ignite Your Ultimate Power event in Armagh City Hotel and have attended LIVE Your EPIC Adventure Retreat

Through these events I feel like a completely NEW man.

NOW I am more EXCITED about life.

NOW I realise LIFE is wonderful, happiness lies within and no man or woman can ever take that away.

NOW I am living my epic adventure, it is unfolding NATURALLY and EFFORTLESSLY as I say YES to my journey and step out of FEAR and into Faith. I realise there is always more to learn, more to give and more to grow. That is why I am going back to in January to another retreat.

Since the retreat I am NOW living my dream. Passing Through schools with The Super You programme.
On 1st January 2018 I also had the opportunity to travel on a humanitarian mission to Belarus. I wanted to raise as much as possible for the orphaned children so I organised Jiving nights, set up a crowdfunding page ,helped out with SteveyJ’s “Busk for Belarus” in Armagh and stood on stage delivering a motivational talk to a sell out crowd at “Trust Your Crazy Idea” in Belfast.
As a team we raised £42,000!