Humanitarian mission

On the 1st of January I travelled with a TEAM of volunteers with the charity I.O.D.P (International Orphanage Development Programme).

We raised £42,000.

On behalf of the TEAM I want to thank everyone that donated to the charity. With this money we were able to purchase Christmas presents for many orphanages. The children received presents that they specifically asked for. Some children asked for toys whilst others asked for kettles, irons and big thick blankets.

Every Christmas some of the older children store away items so that when the time comes for them to leave the orphanage they will have secured necessary items.

On our journey we also were able to provide essential tools and items for 3 orphanages – We bought Arts and Crafts material in order to help with creating imagination, important medicines for the doctor of the orphanages and farming and sports equipment.

Thank you all who helped make this possible.

From TEAM SteveyJ