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Stevey J Life Coach ..Running the entire perimeter of Ireland


For the Keith Duffy Foundation

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Here is how it worked


The Challenge

On June 1st Stevey set out on his epic journey to complete the first day of sixty consecutive ultra marathons (39.3 miles). He ran the entire perimeter of Ireland, picking up each morning where he left of the previous day, weaving in and around its cities, towns and villages setting a brand new world record.

The Route

Starting in Armagh, Stevey head to Newry, then to Belfast and on to Donegal. Then down the west of Sligo, Mayo, Galway and Limerick all the way to the bottom of Ireland at Mizen Head. He then crossed over to Cork and all the way back up the midlands to the east coast of Dublin to start heading back home.

The Goal

Our goal was to raise €330,000 for a great charity, the Keith Duffy Foundation, and inspire others to overcome some of their greatest challenges. We also wanted to bring this exciting endurance event to every major town in Ireland and to set 5 new world records in the process.

Proceeds in aid of


With a strong link to autism awareness in Ireland, Keith Duffy Foundation  is working to raise funds for a number of charities throughout the country.

Using his experience and contacts, garnered through his 14 years as patron of Irish Autism Action, Keith organises a variety of fundraising events, with the aim of providing support and financial assistance to the foundation’s chosen charities.

Keith Duffy Foundation will support Fighting Blindness, Buddy Bench Ireland and Paddy Wallace Fund for Autism with the proceeds of this event.

To reach the goal I will need all the support I can get. Here is how you can make a difference:
  • JOIN IN – There’s over 2,400 miles in this epic adventure. The less I have to do alone the better. I call on runners of all fitness levels to join in when this event comes to a town near you. 
  • BECOME A SPONSOR – You can help us reach our target by raising funds in your local community. Maybe even take on the extreme challenge of doing a full ultra marathon (39.3 miles).
  • DONATIONS – All donations are much appreciated and go to the worthy cause of , who helps so many families across the county. 

Hi, I’m Stevey J McGeown, Ireland’s Leading Life Coach
Welcome to my Epic Adventure.

In 2015 I completed the audacious challenge of 100 Marathons In 100 Days with my good friend Larry Maguire. It was a great experience and we raised much needed funds for the Laura Maguire Foundation. The support I received from friends, family and the running community is something I’ll never forget. This time I want to push the boat out even further and take on the ultra challenge of completing 60 ultra marathons in 60 Days.

The focus of this challenge is to raise fund for Keith Duffy Foundation and bring more awareness to the great work that they do. For the past decade Steven McGeown’s life has been committed to assisting individuals and companies achieve extraordinary results, to maximise their performance and activate more of their hidden potential. His true passion is to help you create lasting change which leads to greater fulfillment in both your personal and business life. He is happily married to his wife Catherine and together they have 3 children Ben, Katie and Harry. The purpose of this new epic adventure is to inspire the people of Ireland, the United Kingdom and beyond to new heights of possibilities within their own health, well-being and potential as they witness Stevey going beyond what many consider to be impossible. Join Stevey along some of his journey, whether it be 5k or 50k, the more support and encouragement the better. All you need to do is register your interest below!

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