Thank you very much for putting your faith in me and for being on my email list.

And thanks for sticking with me. I know we sent you a lot of emails last week, but it’s because we care. And it’s because it’s very important what we’re doing here. But, I would like to give all of you a gift which is the audio on this page called “RELAX IN THE LIGHT”.

This is basically what I have used in my own mind, for relaxation and meditation, to calm the mind down, and to settle the mind.

I know that a lot of you’s out there at different times have different stresses, because you’re in business, and you’re in life, and in careers, and you’re in relationships. And you’re interacting with all different types of people. And then you have your own thoughts, and your own beliefs as well.

So this gift is, is exactly what I would have done every morning during my 60 ULTRA MARATHON challenge.  

I would close my eyes down gently, and I’d breathe through my nose, and I would begin to say this internally until it brought me totally to the place of complete “Relaxing in the Light”. And because it brought me to that little positive place, it was then very, very easy, and very joyful for me to run the 40 miles then, every day. It gave me the surge of energy and a surge of power, because it settled down, it relaxed away all the doubts, all the fears, all the worries. It completely relaxed my muscles, completely relaxed my breathing, completely relaxed my digestive system. And it allowed me to enjoy, and be in the flow of life.

So, this is something that’s very precious, and very dear to me, and I use it all the time. And this recording was done in my shed where I escape to and just let the thoughts and actions come to me. The things I need to do. It brings me straight to that place of intuition. And you can hear the birds in the background. And I always tell people… “If you’re ever caught up in your thoughts, just listen to the birds. Listen for the birds. Listen for the atmosphere.” And that brings you to that complete place of relaxation. And with that, it has a purpose.

You’re relaxing so, you’re in life, and you’re in the flow of life. And then it allows you to be you. And it’s only when you be you, in your full joy, your full peace, your full contentment. That’s what is for you in this life. Because every single thing that we are, that we have, our own entire being is given to us.

Becaus no matter how hard I try, I could never make my hand, I could never make my eyes. This all happens automatically. The blood flowing through your body, the breath, coming, leaving. The digestive system operating all on it’s own. The cells renewing, the cells dying off, the cells being reborn. This constant flow, this constant sea of life. Everything you feel, everything you see, everything you touch, everything you smell, everything you taste. Every single sense, every single thing. The people that you love in your life.

Your gifts, your ideas, your talents. All of these things are given as a gift. And it allows us to remember this, and appreciate this. And then it leaves you completely in the flow of life. Because everything, everything is a gift. Everything is an opportunity, every challenge is another opportunity. It’s our opportunity to grow.

And we came here to this place, to this planet, because there was something yearning within our being before. And if you look at any of the programs on science, the programs about the stars. We all came from the stars, we’re all part of the stars. And there’s a yearning to be born in this life, to enjoy the full existence of it. And as we’re born, and we come into this world, we’re fully aware of that. We just are. And as a child you’re fully aware of that. You look in a child’s eyes, and you just see that joy, in everything. Everything’s new.

Somewhere along the way we’ve been trained out of that. So this Relax in the Light is completely bringing yourself back to that place. Back to the truth of you.

Enjoy this gift my friends, and you’re welcome to share it. I recommend that you listen to this every morning. Give it seven days, and you’ll see the difference even after the fourth listen.

Click on the link below to download the audio.

Listen to it every day for best results!